CBTS Latin America
M1 Consulting services 
     • Undertaking market research / viability studies.
     • Designing, implementing and/or evaluating VET's educational services
     • Providing on-going advice to Australian RTOs.
M2 Opening Australian RTOs branches in Latin America
     • Advising RTOs on the “know how” required to establish branches in Latin
     • Identifying and/or implementing strategies aimed at establishing business
       leads and contacts

M3 Representing RTOs to recruit students seeking to obtain an Australian certification
     • Identifying and implementing strategies to recruit Latin American students to
       obtain their certification in   Australian RTOs.
     • Assessing and certifying students on behalf of Australian RTOs using on-line
       evaluation tools, CBTS LA’s trained staff and /or RTO’s staff.
     • Australian RTO’s sets up assessment and certification processes for LA
       students willing to travel to Australia to obtain this qualification.
M4 Providing RTOs limited services in Latin America
     • CBTS and other local service providers associated are recognised could act
        as representative’s of RTOs  to deliver specific units of competencies using
        local training resources.  
     • RTOs assess and certify students trained by CBTS LA using either on-line
       evaluation tools and/or trained staff on site.
M5 Providing RTO’s full services in Latin America
     • CBTS LA pays a license fee to RTOs in relation to the students trained,
       assessed and certified under the RTOs training scheme.
     • RTO’s monitor and implement quality of training audits on CBTS LA
       processes and outcomes.

M6 VET educational business tours to Latin America
  •   Assisting VET's delegations to have "face to face" meetings with key decision
      makers within the VET' system in Latin America