CBTS Latin America

CBTS Latin America members are:

  • Dr. Victor Del Rio (Australia)
  • Mtro. Alberto Calva (Canada)

Dr. Victor Del Rio
Victor has been working as a consultant and executive trainer for Australian and Mexican organisations for 20 years. Victor has the Diploma (Box Hill) and Certificate IV (Holmesglen) in Training and Assessment (TAA), a PhD in Strategic Management from Melbourne University and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Planning from EGACEM-ITESM (specialised in Education). 

Victor has been involved with Australian and Latin American Universities for many years. For instance Victor is an ongoing member of the Ethics Research Committee at Latrobe University (since 2008) and he was a member of the Ethics Research Committee at Macquarie University for four years.  He has worked for the TAFE system in a variety of roles (Box Hill Institute-Researcher, Holmesglen-Trainer,  Victoria University-Trainer, Pahran College-trainer and teacher). Victor was the Under-deputy Director of Evaluation of Educational Projects within the Mexican Ministry of Education for four years.

He is currently a Consultant for the World Bank and the Andina Development Corporation (CAF).  Victor has been an independent assessor for competitive Government's tendering processes in Mexico and Colombia. Victor has been working, on a number of fronts, for the last 20 years towards increasing the trade, economic and cultural exchanges between Australia and Latin America. 

He is currently writing two books with other 7 australian academics on the Strategic Relationship between Australia and Latin America.  Victor is also a member of a taskforce formed by the Vice-chancellor Glyn Davis (Melbourne University) to explore the viability to create an Australia/ Latin America Centre of Excellence.

Victor is a member of a team of high level scientists and decision makers in Mexico aiming at building the first Synchrotron in Mexico. 

Mtro. Alberto Calva Mercado
Alberto Calva holds a Masters's Degree in Administration from EGACEM-ITESM he is completing his PhD in Administration at the La Salle university.

He is a business consultant and an entrepreneur. His services are business consulting, executive education and conference lecturer. He has trained close to ten thousand executives and entrepreneurs from more than twenty countries, in the last twenty five years.

He has more than twenty years of experience in business as an executive, a board member and as an entrepreneur. He has successfully led two companies through four economic crises. For instance, he was part of the executive team that avoided the bankruptcy of a number of companies during the 1988 financial crisis.