CBTS Latin America

Four Australian, Canadian and Mexican organisations joined forces and formed CBTS Latin America in order to fill the gap in the supply of Australian VET's educational services in the Spanish/Portuguese speaking worlds. CBTS Latin America has both a network of high quality researchers and reputable business people able to participate in large VET’s implementation projects.  

·        Consulting and advice to Australian registered training organisations
         (RTOs) seeking to enter the Latin American market,

·         Conducting marketing, risk assessment and research studies,

·         Assisting Latin American Governments in designing, implementing and/or
         evaluating VET' systems based on the Australian model,

·         Training Latin American people on VET’s related topics (i.e.  in training and
         assessment competencies-TAA),

·         Working with RTOs to bid for World Bank, Andean Development Corporation,
         CAF and the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) to implement
         VET's systems in Latin America,

·         Assisting Australian VET's decision makers to know the Latin American
         market through visits and by meeting their Latin American counterparts.